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Crabble Hill

Spot Garage - Mark Danson

Eventually covering 75 - 77 Crabble Hill

Crabble Hill Spot Garage

Councillor Boyton pointed out that if they allowed cars to stand there they would be holding up the traffic.

The Mayor said that the road was pretty wide there.

Councillor Boyton said that the County Council were taking the matter up and refusing these pumps on main roads.

Councillor Kennet said that he did not think they had power to stop anyone filling up from a garage by means of cans, and if people did that it would be worse than using a pump.

The Town Clerk; You may have to pay more money for cans.  Everyone goes to a pump.

Councillor Dawes said that often a tram had to wait while a vehicle moved at this point.

Alderman Russell moved that permission be granted.  Councillor Wood seconded, and the motion was passed.


Crabble Hill - spot garage 2002

Crabble Hill - Spot Garage 2002

Crabble Hill MAS garage