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Blenheim Square

Pier Motor Garage

Blenheim Square - 1871

Blenheim Square

A copy of the confirmed order and of the map referred to therein has been deposited at Brook House, Dover and may be seen at all reasonable hours.

The Order will become operative at the expiration of six weeks from the date of this advertisement, but if proceedings in the High Court are instituted within that period by an aggrieved person desirous of questioning the validity of the Order, the Court may, if satisfied that the Order is not within the powers of the Act or that the interests of the applicant have been substantially prejudiced by any requirement of the Act not having been complied with, squash the Order either generally or in so far as it affects any property of the applicant.

SCHEDULE - Nos 4,5,6 and 8 Seven Star Street. 

Dated seventh day of September 1934.  R.E. Knocker, Town Clerk.