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Cambridge Road

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  • The plan below dated 1905, the section marked in red shows "Photo", and it can be assumed to have become the site of the garage, however I do not know how far it extended either way within these building.

The Monument Garage 1910 - 1922. 


cambridge road - monument - 1910-11-04

Cambridge Road - Monumnet - 1917-09-07

East Kent Road Car Co 1922 - 1924

The Town Clerk said that he took it that it would be referred to the Surveyor for report.  The only point was that these petrol pumps were giving a good deal of difficulty all over the country.  If the Council gave sanction to them being placed on the highway they might find themselves liable for obstruction, and if anyone injured themselves against them there might be a claim for damages.  The only way to get over that certain precautions in the way of lighting would have to be taken.

The Surveyor said that it might be arranged for the petrol pump to be inside the premises.

Councillor Beaufoy said that the pillar boxes were equally obstructive in the dark, and persons could blunder into them.

Councillor Cairns said that telegraph poles were not lighted.  He thought that the Company should be given facility, as it would bring employment into the town.

The Town Clerk said that the difficulty as to telegraph poles was got over by them being erected under statutory powers.

Councillor Thomas asked of the licences were for petroleum or petrol?

The Town Clerk said they were for petroleum, but it was a question of the flash point Ordinary petroleum, he believed, was over the flash point, and did not require a licence.

The Surveyor reported that the whole of the premises has been found to be satisfactory for the storage of petrol and carbide, except that the arrangements for the storage of carbide at Curry's cycle shop and Niblett's cycle shop were not satisfactory, and they had been written to.

Central Garage

Cambridge Road - Central - 1924-11-28

Cambridge Road - Tapleys

Defendant pleaded Guilty.

Patrick Clarke, Inspector of Weights and Measures, said that on 13th August he visited the defendants garage, and found the pump unstamped and the indicator requiring adjustment.  He left notice to have it seen to.  He called again on 17th and on 29th he received a letter from defendant's wife saying that the pump had been ready a week, but through a misunderstanding, the requisition had not been sent for him to stamp it.

In reply to the magistrates' Clerk, Mr Clarke said it was the first case under the new regulations in Dover.  Fined £1.

 Cambridge Road - Tapley's - 1938-07-29

Cambridge Road - Tapley - Martin Walter - 1939

cambridge road - monument - 1939-09-15

Cambridge Road - shelled - 1940-09-27

White Cliffs Hotel Garage

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