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54, 56 Castle Street through to Dolphin Passage/Lane

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It should be noted that 54, 56 Castle Street used to connect to the larger workshop area that could be accessed via Dolphin Passage and Dolphin Lane.

  • 1847 history, gazetteer of kent - Hills Edward 3 castle st (renumbered 54 in 1862)

  • 1862 Kellys directory - Hills Edward coachbuilder 54 castle st

  • Date unknown Photo shows Hills Coach Builder

Hills Coach Builder, Castle Street, Dover

  • 13 January 1888 Dover Express - The castle Street Fire

  • 1887 Pikes  listing

    • 54 - Hills, E & Sons, coach builders (tele 253)

    • Cresswell & Newman architects, Cresswell Joseph

    • The Proprietary Library

    • Graham, Alfred

    • 56 - Pepper, Joseph B, butcher

    • Here is Dolphin Passage

  • 5 October 1888 Dover Express - BUILDING NOTICE.  The Surveyor reported upon the notice of Messers, Creswell and Newman to erect a paint shop at 54 Castle Street.  The Plans were approved.

  • 1890 Pikes 

    • 54 - Hills, E & Sons, coach builders (tele 253)

    • Cresswell & Newman architects & civil engineers Cresswell J (Assoc M.I.C.E.)

    • Graham, Alfred

    • Y.W.C.A Institute

    • 58 - Pepper, Joseph B, butcher

    • Here is Dolphin Passage

  • 1907 Pikes - Creswell and Newman, architects and civil engineers Cresswell J (Assoc M.I.C.E.)

  • 30 May 1913 Dover Express - NEW DOVER TAXI.  The Dover Motor Company, who some months ago, commenced business in Castle Street, have added to their taxis a new up-to-date Metalurique of their own manufacture at their works, Castle Street.  The chassis, which is fitted  by Messers Palmer, and the work is a credit to both firms, the appearance being exceedingly handsome, and equal in every respect to a private car.  On Wednesday it went for a trial trip to Ramsgate and back, and showed its fine hill-climbing power, its beautiful smooth running, and its speed.  It is the first of this type of car, of which the Dover Motor Company intend to add a number, and which we are sure will prove exceedingly popular in Dover.

  • 4 July 1913 Dover Express - Smart Telephone Boy wanted; a good chance to pick up a knowledge of motors etc. - Apply, Dover Motor Co Ltd, 54 Castle Street, Dover.

  • 1914 Pikes Directory - Dover Motor Company (Ltd). automobile and general engineers (Tel 346)

  • 10 July 1914 Dover Express - Explosion at Garage -  Two Men Injured - Last Saturday morning after 9 o'clock and explosion occurred at the works of Dover Motor Company, Castle Street.  Two men motor fitters, Frank Huggett, of  the Clarendon Hotel, and Stanley Griggs, of 26 Military Hill, were seriously injured by the bursting of a 26 gallon petrol tank at the Dover Motor Company's garage in Castle Street.  The tank, a leaking one, was empty, and the men were engaged in soldering it when the tank burst.  Griggs was badly gashed across the forehead and his eyes slightly injured.  Huggetts left ear was badly split, and his eyes injured.  They were conveyed to hospital in the firm's motor car, where injuries were attended to by Dr Gibson, Locum tenens to the House Surgeon, and detained.

  • 21 May 1915 Dover Express - Wanted at once, two smart Garage and Telephone Boys; with a chance of learning the trade; wages to start 5s. per week. - Apply, Dover Motor Co, 54 Castle Street, Dover

  • 7 July 1916 Dover Express - Advert - Dover Motor Co, 54 Castle Street