Dover Kent UK

History of Dover Garages

55-69 Castle Street

55-61 castle street

  • 1927 Pikes - (Tannery Cottage) Banks A. W. R.

  • 1935-6 Pikes - nothing listed

  • 21 February 1936 Dover Express -  Building at the Tanyard - a building notice and plan from Mr ES Harman, of Folkestone, on behalf of  on behalf of Continental Garages Ltd, for the erection of of a motor garage and showrooms at the corner of Castle Street and Stembrook

  • 15 May 1936 Dover Express -


  • 22 May 1936 Dover Express - Building Notice.  The Surveyor reported that a building notice and plans had been received from Mr O Marx, for Messers Fyson and Nevill, for eight lock-up garages on a site fronting on Caroline Place.  The entrance would be from the old Tanyard.  The external walls were to be 9in. brickwork, and the interior walls of 4 1/2  in. brickwork. - The plans were passed.

  • 6 November 1936 Dover Express - an article about a car accident has the following reference..... Christopher Charles Fyson, motor engineer, Continental Garage, Castle Street Dover said that he went to the scene of the accident and saw the defendant's car protruding about 2ft into the Dover Canterbury Road........

  • 2 April 1937 Dover Express - Contract signed....... the conveyance of land formerly part of the old Tanyard, Messers Fyson and Nevill, Ltd. to the corporation.  (NB I am unsure if this where this land was).

  • 1938-9 Pikes - Continental Motors (Fyson and Nevill Ltd) motor engineers and main agents. tele 320

  • 1939-40 Pikes - Continental Motors,(Fyson & Neville, Ltd) Castle Street.
  • 12 April 1940 Dover Express - Wanted, fitters and turners for work of national importance. - phone Dover 320, or write to Fyson and Nevill, Ltd, Castle Street

  • 20 July 1945 - The Continental Garage Garage was requisitioned by the Navy, I have not found any more about this.

Castle Street - Continental - RN Garage

  • 28 December 1945 - DE) - Advert

  • 11 January 1946 Dover Express - Documents Sealed - The following documents were sealed: Agreement with Martin Walter, Ltd, as to execution of works at continental garage, Castle Street Dover.

  • 1946 - the castle street premises were being reconstructed

  • 28 June 1946 Dover Express - Nota Bene - The rain on Monday was so heavy that the flooded Dour caused the long disused water-wheel which used to drive the old corn mill in Townwall Street to start to revolve.  This mill - believed to be a successor of the one mentioned in the Doomsday Book - has been disused for a long time, the water-power was obviously greatly lessened when the town lowered the bed of the river, having bought the water rights of another mill - Stembrook Mill - which stood in castle street, on the site of Martin Walters Garage.

  • 28 June 1946 Dover Express - Tapley's were fully incorporated into Martin Walter

  • 25 October 1946 Dover Express - A Dover Exhibition

  • 7 February 1947 Dover Express - Experiences male or female shorthand-typist required immediately, knowledge of book-keeping preferred but not essential; salary according to experience. - Please apply in writing to Martin Walter, Ltd, 55-57, Castle Street, Dover

  • 14 February 1947 Dover Express - Motor mechanics required, must be fully skilled, conversant with all types of private and commercial repair work; only first-class men considered, - Please apply to Martin Walter, Ltd, 55-67, Castle Street, Dover.

  • 1948-9 Pikes - Martin Walters Ltd, motor showroom and garage.

  • 9 July 1948 Dover Express - Advert to see Hermann Georing's Bullet-Proof Mercedes Car

  • 22 July 1949 Dover Express - Fully skilled motor fitters required immediately;  Union rates plus bonus. - Apply Manager, Martin Walter Ltd, Castle Street, Dover.

  • 14 April 1950 Dover Express - The new plans for the re-development of Stembrook will involve the diversion of part of Dieu Stone Lane, as well as the eventual stopping up of the Church Street, Church Place, Church Court, Caroline Place and Stembrook.  There will also be an exchange between the Corporation and Messers, Martin Walters Ltd, of certain lands within the area.

  • 1953 kellys - Martin Walter 63-67 Castle Street & Strond street (Tel 212 & 935); Head Office 145/7 Sandgate rd. Folkestone. Tel Folkestone 3103.

  • 1955 advert aldo shows the eastern docks filling station