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The Antwerp Garage

Antwerp Garage

castle Street 66 - Antwerp garage

  • 29 February 1924 Dover Express - APPEAL AGAINST A TOWN COUNCIL DECISION. -

Major T.H. Crozier, an inspector of Explosives, held an Inquiry at the Town Hall on Thursday to hear an appeal by the Dover Auto Car Company against a decision of the Dover Town Council, refusing a licence for the storage of petrol at the Antwerp garage.  The proposal was to erect a tank holding 500 gallons under the floor of the garage, and to have a pump on the premises that would supply motor cars.  There were present the Town Clerk, the Surveyor; Mr H.U. Hopper, of the Dover Auto Car Company, and Mr Taylor Anglo-American Oil Co.

The Inspector stated that it was his duty to hold the inquiry into the matter and report the facts to the Secretary of State.  It was a very informal affair, and he proposed to go at once to view the site after hearing anything that might be said.  The Inspector read the statement that had been sent to the Home Office by the Town Clerk.  This stated the reason for refusing the application was that over the open yard under the tank would be sunk there were rooms used as a dwelling  house, a furniture store and shop with very valuable furniture was adjoining, and that the site was not safe or suitable for the storage of a large quantity of petrol.

Mr H.U. Hopper said that he was the manager of the Dover Auto Car Co; and he had been in communications with the Fire Assurance Company of the furniture depository, and they have stated that they would prefer to have the tank, and gave their sanction to it.

In reply to the Inspector, Mr Hooper said that they kept three or four gallons of petrol at the garage at present, which they were entitled to do, without a licence.

The Inspector: it is not for me to say, but I do not know of any situation under which you can do so.

In reply to further questions, Mr Hooper said that they had no licence for storage at this garage, but for storage at their other garage, a little distance away.

Mr Taylor said that he represented the Anglo-American Oil Co.  This would be one of their ordinary installations and the pump was on the site.

The Inspector said that apparently there was an arm to swing over the pavement to a vehicle outside.

The Town Clerk said that the Dover Town Council had not authorised any pumps in the roadway.  He did  not think there would be any objection to the swinging arm if it were not less than 7ft high.

The Inspector afterwards proceeded to visit the site.

Antwerp Garage

Antwerp Garage, Castle Street