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History of Dover Garages

5  Cherry Tree 

The Clerk reported in regards to Cherry Tree Avenue Allotments that the purchasers of the land were the Connaught Coach Works and Messers.  Bradley, Chitty and Scorer notified that the owners were anxious to get possession of part of the land for the erection of a workshop 50ft by 100ft.  This would create local employment, they pointed out, and they hoped the corporation would allow possession as quickly as possible.  Their clients would give permission for the tenants of the land not required to remain, and would compensate when land was required later on.

The Chairman said that plans had not been sent in yet, and he did not think the building would commence much before October.  He suggested that they should give the ground up now, subject to the owners compensating tenants displaced.

It was agreed to do this............

Cherry Tree

Thompsons garage -  Mark Danson


Thompsons Garage - Mark Danson


Thompsons garage - Mark Danson