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  • 10 September 1909 (DE) - this is the first reference was in an article - Thomas Burns said: I am a labourer employed by Mr W Bromley, builder, and I live at 23 Hartley Street.  On 25th August I was acting as a watchman at the drain open in front of the new motor garage for Arter Brothers in Effingham Crescent.  I was there from 6pm to 6am.  Between half-past eleven and quarter to twelve prisoner came from Biggin Street and asked me the way to Folkestone.  I saw him go by Effingham Crescent opening just previously,  and then he turned back from High Street to me.  I told him the way.  He had no parcel with him, and as far as I could see he only had what he stood upright in.  He went up Effingham Street.  I am certain that it was the Prisoner.  I do not know Effingham Cottage.

  • 17 September 1909 - (DE) - A licence was granted to Messers Arter Bros to store 120 gallons of petrol in their premises in Effingham Crescent was granted on the recommendation of the Surveyor.

  • 8 April 1910 - (DE) - Smart Youth required for office and store; just leaving school preferred - Apply by letter only to Arter Bros, Anglo-American Garage, Dover.

  • 8 July 1910 - (DE) - A projecting tablet with the word "garage" was allowed at Messers Arter Bros. garage in Dr Long's old stable, Effingham Crescent.

  • 17 March 1911 - (DE) Advert

  • 2 May 1913 - (DE) - From the following advert you can see that Arter's Motors Engineering Co Ltd and Dover Taxi Cab Company, now called the Dover Motor Co Ltd

  • 1914 Pikes - Effingham garage, Taxi cabs, Dover Motor Co Ltd.  Tele 55 2 lines

  • 13 October 1916 - (DE) - Wanted, six Lady Chauffeurs used to driving Ford cars for Taxi-driving at Dover - Apply, Effingham Garage, Effingham Crescent, Dover.

  • 8 August 1919 - (DE) - advert showing that Effingham Garage was now turned over to Motor Cycles

  • 3 December 1920 - (DE) - an advert for the sale of clothes from Effingham Garage!

  • 8 September 1922 - A Petrol licence to Mr Winn in respect to Effingham Garage was granted.

  • 1923 Pikes - Winn & Son, 8 Effingham Crescent

  • 9 November 1923 - (DE) - an advert that shows the garage as Winn's

  • 1927 Pikes - WE Hollis motor engineer. Tel 394

  • 2 August 1929 (DE) - advert

  • 1931-2 Pikes Dover Autocar Co Ltd. 54 and Antwerp Garage Castle Street, and Effingham Crescent.

  • 1935-36 Pikes - Effingham Crescent Garage, H Handford proprietor

  • 28 May - 1937 (DE) - a reference to Mr Handford and Effingham Garage,

  • 1938-39 Pikes - Effingham Crescent Garage, H Handford proprietor

  • 23 September 1938 - (DE) - Maxton Tramshed Rented.  The Town Clerk reported that an offer had been received from Mr H Handford of Effingham Crescent, to rent the Maxton Tramshed for use as a garage business for a period of three years, with an option to renew the lease for 7, 14, or 21 years.

It was agreed, after discussion, which the press were asked not to report, to accept the offer, the rent to be £65, plus rates, for the first three years.

Mr P.A.G. for defendant asked for an adjournment saying that the accounts had been sent to the Automobile Association to be checked, and £100 had been paid into Court.

Plaintiff pointed out that his first account for £103 was sent on 18th Feb last.

His Honor said there had been plenty of time to have the accounts checked.  He would adjourn the case if the other £100 was paid out to plaintiff and another £29.10s.10d was paid to Court.

Mr Aldington agreed to this course.

  • 1953, you can just make out the Handfords sign in this photo


  • 1956 kellys - Handford Motors Ltd. motor cycle engineers & agents (Effingham Crescent garage) Tel Dover 199 & 1918

  • 1959 kellys - Handford Motors Ltd. motor cycle engineers & agents (Effingham Crescent garage) Tel Dover 199 & 1918

  • 16 Jan 1959 Dover Express - notice showing that Handford no longer connected to the St Margaret's garage, now only Folkestone Rd & Effingham Cres

  • 1965 kellys - Pursey J, & motor cycle dealers, tel 1838

  • 1967 kellys - J Pursey motor car and cycle engineers. Tel 1838

  • 1970's (maybe earlier?) - Watling Tyre Service

  • 1987 -College Car Sales, JE Carney

  • Glenn's note.....were White cliff autos here??

  • 2001 - change of use from car sales and repairs to locksmith and sale of security equipment.

  • photo 2016