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7-13 Elms Vale Road

Before the Garage was built

Elms Vale garage - before it was built 

The Surveyor reported that a building notice and plans had been received from Mr J Taylor for the erection of a garage in Elms Road, on a vacant site between Nos 5 and 15, to be built with a steel frame work, with brick filling and asbestos cement sheet roofing.  The size would be 64ft by 40ft.  It would be set back from Elms Vale Road about 33ft, but one corner was practically on the boundary of the bridle path at the rear, locally known as cow lane.  This path was being more and more used for vehicular traffic, and this was a matter that the Council should consider owing to the danger to pedestrians and that it is not built for such traffic.  Access to certain buildings had been made by vehicular traffic from Church Road, and it might be intensified with the advent of a large garage, and the Council might like to consider the advisability of preventing access at least from Elms Vale Road.  Application was also made for the consent under the Restriction of Ribbon Development ACT, 1935, and it might be taken that access to the site that already existed.  Consent under that Act was submitted for the Council consideration having regard to his remarks about traffic on the bridle path.

Councillor Mrs Boyton said that the whole of the houses were open to the bridle path.  Did that mean the cars would be backed onto that path or into Elms Vale Road?

The Surveyor said that he took it the principle opening would be in Elms vale Road.

Councillor Mrs Boyton: Can we stop an opening at the back?

The Surveyor said that he did not think they could but the Council might have something to say about driving along the path.

Councillor Mrs Boyton said that it was used so much by the College boys and by people going to Church.

Councillor gates said that there were a number of garages there and businesses and they could not shut the people out from these garages.  It had been open now for 40 years and had been used for regular vehicular traffic.  He doubted whether they could close it without going to quarter session.

Councillor Eckhoff asked if it were a private road.  He believed they were told that when they talked of putting a light there.

The Surveyor said that it was a bridle path and one should restrict the through traffic there.  If a big post were put up at Elms vale Road end, it would restrict the through traffic there to some extent and localise it to those particular buildings.  That bridle path was used by people and it did not want restrictions in the interest of pedestrians.  They did not want to shut it up altogether but allow access at the top end and the garages with the entrances at the back could utelise that and it would stop traffic speeding through.  The proposed garage was a big one and if the road was used for through traffic it would create an undesirable set of circumstances.

Alderman Pearce said that it was a public road.

The Surveyor said that was why they should look at it from the traffic point of view.

Councillor Eckhoff asked how it was that they refused to put the lights along there?  It was said that it was private property.

Alderman Pearce: It is not private property.  I forget the name of the road.

Councillor Cairns said that a bridle path did not constitute a road for traffic.

The Town Clerk: No

The Mayor said that he did not think it was a public road.

Alderman Pearce: It is.

Councillor Gates said that there was only room for one line of traffic so they would not get no through traffic.  The only traffic was to places at the rear of the premises.  There were quite a number of garages there and a butcher and a slaughterhouse there.  He did not think there was any through traffic.

Alderman Pearce said that he lived there, so he knew the traffic there was.

Councillor Cairns said it was entirely a matter for people who owned the ground.  It was nothing to do with the Council.

The Town Clerk said that if this path was a bridle path, as was suggested, it was probably an offence under the Road Traffic Act if any of the vehicles went along it and if that was so instructions to the police that without the formal erection of posts.  If the Council so desired he would look into the matter and communicate with the Chief Constable.

Councillor gates: How about those people who have got business premises?

The Mayor said that if the Town Clerk looed into the matter he could arrange things satisfactorily.

The Town Clerk said he would report further if they wished.

It was decided that the Town Clerk should report further.

The Town Clerk he took it the committee would deal with the question of the garage.

Councillor Fish moved that it was allowed.

Alderman Dawes said that it was no good allowing it if they were blocking the road afterwards.

The Mayor said that they were not blocking up the road for that garage.

The resolution was carried.

Elms Vale Garage