Dover Kent UK

History of Dover Garages

63 then 83-85 High Street

Maroon Cars at Maroon Garage, Sayers's Taxis, Thompson's Taxis,

The first reference found of the business at 63 High street is in 1927 and is referred to as Maroon Garage.  This garage is Horace J Sawyer's taxi-cab business and in the adverts is shown as the Maroon Garage.  In 1929 there is an advert for the hire of a hearse, it does not refer to it being an undertakers business is taking place. 

1934 is the first reference to 85 high street, where there is also the funeral director business was also being operated.

circa 1959 Thompson's taxis were at 83 (from 311 London Road), and then afterwards are being shown in the directories as both Thompson's and Sawyer's taxis together.

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