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Kearsney Garage 

Kearsney Garage

Kearsney Garage - DP Lead - 2014 - Glenn Hatfield


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Council Livings said that he did not think they had prohibited pavement pumps.

The Town Clerk said that no resolution had been passed.

It was decided to adjourn the matter for a fortnight so as to allow alternative plans.

Councillor Barwick said that if the pump were set back he took it that there would be no fee charged.  He proposed that it should be left to the Surveyor to arrange with the owners for a better site.

Kearsney Garage Advert 11 Jan 1923

Kearsney Garage 16 April 1926

My great faith in the developments of our Town in the immediate future makes me wish to assist to the whole of my ability in making Dover worthy of her great possibilities.

The Services that I rendered to me country during the war and my business experience since, warrants your confidence in me in this contest, and justifies me in asking you to return me as your Representative on the Dover Town Council.

I live in your Ward and know its requirements.  I am approachable at all times, and when elected, I will make your interests my first consideration.

I am a staunch Conservative.

Thanking you

Yours truly,

Oliver Cordery Gardiner

The Red House and Kearsney Garage, River

26 Nov 1937 Kearsney Motor Garage Ltd