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15, 15a King Street


 Address for Hollis

Activities at the 15 15a King Street site

1924 - 1950, WE Hollis was at this site (and either side).  The garage activities look to be concerned at 15, 15a, and these activities were based on (but not exclusively) motor busses operated from this site, however I have not found evidence of operating any garage type of business after mid 1930's

It should also be noted that even before the first reference that I have at this site, WE Hollis was already operating the Orange Motor Coach service, and it looks as though he had a booking service at 3 Park Place.

  • 1914 Pikes - 15a is listed as WS Hird fruiterer   Vernon Shone estate agent, Tele 359

  • 1919- 1923 around this time Pickfords were advertised as 15 King St.

  • 1923 (BT) - Carter Pattison and Co, Carriers. Dover 273

  • 18 April 1924 Dover Express -

King Street

  •  5 December 1924 - Dover Express - KING STREET GARAGE - The Town Clerk reported on the application of Mr W.E. Hollis, who asked for permission to put in a footway crossing the garage at 15 King Street.  He stated that the Corporation could not prevent Mr Hollis having access across the footway even for large vehicles, but the Corporation could grant or refuse, an application for a footway crossing over the pavement; and if they refused, the owner who drove vehicles across the footway would be liable for any damage done to the footway by vehicles, and probably have more difficulty in answering any complaints in regards to obstruction and nuisance.

Councillor Cairns; What! do I understand the objection is to these buses crossing the footway?

The Town Clerk; Are you speaking to me?

Councillor Cairns; I am speaking to the Mayor; it would not do for me to speak to you.  (Laughter.)  It would be no more dangerous than others in the town, and he would move that permission be granted.

Alderman Barwick said he would second that.  He added that he had been looking at it, and it struck him that it would be much better if the girder was kept up another four inches in order to give the head room instead of lowering the pavement.

Alderman Sir E Farley said that it would make it less dangerous if they allowed the crossing to be made so as to increase the head room, as then the vehicle would not have to get up the incline, that would be formed, at such a speed.

The Surveyor said that the difficulty, Mr Beaufoy had explained to him, was that they were afraid to touch the old beams as the place was so old.

A long discussion ensued on the subject of whether the crossing should be sunk so as to give 3ins more head room.

Councillor Goldfinch said that Mr Hollis did not study the people he turned out but now he wanted them to help him out of his trouble.

Alderman Bussey referred to the perils of the streets from motors, and strongly objected to being allowed to cross the pavements in one of the best shopping centres in the town.

The mayor; We cannot stop it.

During the course of the discussion the Surveyor said the he believed the intention was to take the large vehicles in through the back and to use the front entrance for smaller cars.  There was an idea of having a petrol pump there.

Councillor Powell said that if the Surveyor's information was correct, the would apparently be blocked by vehicles at the petrol pump.

After a very long discussion, in which practically every member of the council spoke once and some many times, Councillor Cairns altered his resolution so that the crossing should be permitted to the satisfaction of the Surveyor, but the pavement against the wall to Mr Hollis's garage should not be lowered.

Alderman Sellens moved an amendment to this and it was seconded by Councillor Donald, that the crossing should be allowed without such instructions being given to the Surveyor.

On being put to the vote this was lost, and then Councillor Cairns motion was carried.

  • 9 January 1925 - Dover Express - PETROL PUMP IN KING STREET - An application to construct a petrol tank to store 500 gallons of petrol at Mr W.E. Hollis's garage in the Market Square, was received.  The supply from the tank would be by means of a swinging arm, which would extend 12ft over the pavement in front of the premises.  The arm would be unsightly, and he therefore submitted the matter for their consideration.

Councillor Goldfinch said that if the arm were not allowed it would mean that cars would have to go on to the pavement to fill.

The Surveyor said he thought it was outside.

Alderman Sellens asked if there was any instance in the town where they allowed a pipe to cross the footpath?

The Surveyor said they had one in Castle Street, and one in Cherry Tree Avenue.

Councillor Dawes said there is one in London Road, too.

Councillor Pearce: London Road is quite a different place from the Market Square.  With all respect to Mr Hollis, I think we ought to refuse it.

It was decided to refuse permission for the pipe across the footpath, but to allow the tank and the pump.

  • 30 Jan 1925 - Dover Express - King Street Garage.  In regard to the refusal to allow a petrol pipe at Mr Hollis's garage in King Street.

Councillor Learmont said that under the present ruling, the petrol would be supplied, but the cars would have to go across the pavement and back.  He was watching one of those pipes in Canterbury the other day.  It did not appear to be objectionable.  He thought it would be less objectionable than the cars having to go across the pavement.

Councillor Kennett said that they allowed cars to cross the pavement...............

  • 17 July 1925 Dover Express

The Surveyor said he made his report at the last meeting, and had nothing further to add.

Councillor Stevens said he understood that a very large building had been put there in close proximity to a house formerly occupied by Mr Darracott.  They heard a lot about air space, and wondered if they were going to allow it in the middle of a business thoroughfare.

The Mayor said that he thought they fully discussed the matter last week, and the Surveyor explained the position they were in.

Councillor Stevens said he understood from people who had been there - that a large new building had been placed in close proximity to the other.  If they were developing a new estate they would not allow such a small air space to intervene between two properties.

Councillor Cairns said he took it they had no jurisdiction whatever.  He remembered a case of the bakehouse up London Rd, and in that case they had no power over it.  He had been to see this building, and although he did not at the time agree with the Borough Surveyor, he now thought his verdict was right.

Councillor Learmont said that he had been there, and the old walls were still there, and it was plain that there was a building there before.  Whether it had a roof he did not know.

The Mayor said that they did not appear to have any jurisdiction over the matter.

Tea 5pm.  Return Journey, 9pm.  Return Fare 3/-. 

Further particulars may be obtained from Mrs Beufoy, "Cintra," Park Avenue; or Mrs Hayden, 49 Salisbury Road. 

[The Dover Temperance Council have arranged to take the above for purposes of their propaganda]