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History of Dover Garages

Limekiln Street

Garage related activities at the site started in 1927 when Mr Gee Kemp took ownership of the site, where he brought his Cambrian Coaches Co business.  The activities included Petrol sales from his new forecourt, and conversion

The Oil Mills Garage - Cambrian Garage,

Limekiln Street

Limekiln Street

Limekiln Street

Cambrian Coaches had a booking office outside the Covered Market in the Market Square - see photo below

Cambrian Coaches booking - market square Dover

Alderman Barwick moved that the matter be referred back to the Company, and they asked to make provision for cars to draw in

Councillor Took said that would mean great expense to the firm, and Limekiln Street was not a very busy spot.  He did not see much danger to the public.

The Surveyor said that the Ministry disliked filling on the public highway at all.  Most modern filling stations were off the street and cars were able to draw up to the pumps.  In this case, three swing arms were asked for, to enable three vehicles to draw up in line for filling.

Councillor Took said they probably wanted to supply three different grades of petrol.  He doubted whether at any time there would be three cars filling at the same time.  They should be careful not to interfere with legitimate trading.

Councillor Ryeland said no doubt the company wanted to tap the traffic to and from the continent and that sort of traffic would not draw into a place for petrol.  They wanted it on the road so that they could be away quickly.

Councillor Took said he would like to move that the Surveyor carefully reconsider the matter.

Alderman Barwick's resolution was carried, the mayor stating that it did not commit them to anything

The Surveyor said HM Inspector said these were in fairly common use and there was no objection to them provided a proper place, that could be locked, was provided for their storage.  The apparatus must not, however, be used on the highway.  The Surveyor recommended that the use of the portable container be allowed on these conditions.  He reminded the Council of the communication received from the Minister of transport in October 1928 regarding the undesirability of allowing pumps on the highway, in view of the necessity of removing existing encroachments when widening a highway.  The pumps under consideration would not be on the highway  but behind a fence, but how far swing arms could be considered encroachments he could not say.

Councillor Walker said they should give the Company some consideration and help them over their difficulties as the Corporation would be getting rates from the Mills.  He moved that permission be given subject to the Surveyors approval for two swing arms and the portable container, on conditions laid down.

Councillor seconded the resolution, which was carried.

Limekiln Street  Limekiln Street

The spawn is planted in manure and covered with a coating or earth from Shorncliffe.  After about two months the mushrooms appear. They grow in "flushes," and are said to be considerably affected by the new moon. The beds are sprayed twice a week with insecticide as a precaution against flies. The premises have been inspected on several occasions by the Medical Officer of Health.

The caves themselves are interesting.  Their exact origin is unknown and many of them have still to be explored by the present owners.  There is an inward and downward draught of air, so that even far inside the atmosphere is quite fresh and wholesome.  After heavy rain, the roof drips slightly, but the chalk is quite firm.  Whatever the outside temperature, the caves maintain a fairly even temperature of 54 degrees.  When they were taken over for mushroom cultivation last year they were littered with many tons of rubbish and their sides thickly coated with soot.  They had all to be cleaned and whitewashed.

Alderman Powell: Don't try and drive another industry away!

The Chairman: If it was out your back, you would be the first to complain!

Councillor Martin asked in the Medical officer of Health had ever found that place
in an insanitary condition.

The Medical Officer of Health said that everything they had asked for to prevent a nuisance there, had been done.  As far as he was aware, and he had been there several times, it was kept in a very satisfactory condition.

The Chairman said he had the complaint. and so he brought it up.

Councillor Martin said it was the doctor's job to see there was no nuisance, and he did that regularly.  It was the wish of the owner that he went there every week, and the suggestion was most unfair.

Limekiln Street

Limekiln Street

Limekiln Street

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  1. 1962 kellys - Dover Commercial Buildings

    • Barden Products (Tunbridge Wells) Ltd, export mfrs

    • Court Bros (Furnishers) Ltd

    • Lloyds A.J & Sons (Peckham) Ltd, clothing mfrs

  2. 1967 kellys - Dover Commercial Buildings

    • Woodson Engineering (Dover) Ltd. genr engr

    • Dover Carpet Weaving Co Ltd

    • G.P.O. telephone stores

    • Lloyds A.J & Sons (Peckham) Ltd, clothing mfrs

    • East Kent Salvage co.  waste paper mers

  3. 1971 - George Hammond Shipping