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The New company will not be antagonistic to the Dover Theatre Company, as it is intended to absorb that and to transform the Theatre Royal into a Hippodrome.  Mr Fred Dew, Managing Director of the Dover Theatres Limited, explained the new project yesterday to a representative of the Express.  He pointed out that with the approaching completion of the Naval Harbour there would be a large increase in the permanent population of the town, whilst the warships that will undoubtedly make there base would equal as much as half a dozen regiments (and very much more money) to the fluctuating population of the town.  To cater for the amusement of these, it is obvious that the present places of entertainment are insufficient, and with a view to cope with this demand, which will arrive a great deal sooner than is realised by the majority of the new Company will proceed to work at a very early date.

The plans of the new Theatre indicate a seating capacity very much larger than that of the Theatre Royal, whilst the stage will be 40ft deep by 70ft across.  The depth will enable stage productions on a very elaborate scale to be made.  The entrance to the dress circle and stalls will descend towards the stage.  The entrances to the pit and gallery will be in New Street.  The central position of the theatre is one that ought to command success.

The directors of the Dover Motor Company are to be congratulated upon their enterprise which deserves and promises to achieve a thorough success.  We are indebted for many of the details to Messers Beeston and Dixon of Dover, the Company Architects.

W. Beeston, MSA,


10, Eastbrook Place, Dover

New Street - Metropole

New Street - Metropole

2016 Cannon Street View of the old Metropole Building