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History of Dover Garages

119-120 Snargate St

Marlen Car Hire

A undertaking that Dormabiles would not be parked in Snargate Street if permission was given for repair work to be done at a garage where Dormobiles were being kept was given to Dover Town Council on Tuesday, and the Council reversed the decision of the Town Planning Committee that an application from Mr L Yates for such use to be made of the garage should be refused.

The undertaking was given in a letter from Mr Yates solicitors, who also Mrt Yates would in the future Mr Yates would maintain a markedly reduced fleet of Dormobiles and had already reduced his twelve to four.  Vehicles brought to the premises for repair would immediately be taken inside.  There would be no question of an overflow into the street.

Councillor W L Breeze commented that he had noticed the dissapearance of Dormobiles from the street since a report of the committes discussions appeared in the Dover Express.

Councillor G E Gasken referred to possible annoyance to nearby residents from Panel Beating and so on, but Councillor S W Saker said that more assistance should be given to business men.

"We want their rates and we must give them some help" said Councillor Saker.