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History of Dover Garages

Sandwich Road

Whitfield Garage, Hilltop Garage, Whitfield Hill Garage


  • 26 June 1936 - Dover Express - reference to John Lionel Hurst of  Whitfield Hill Garage giving evidence.

  • 28 Jul 1939 - Dover Express - reference to J.L. Hurst in application for alterations to Whitfield Garage.

  • 25 August 1939 - Dover Express - a reference is within an article that reference to Hirst's Garage top of Whitfield Hill (yes it did have this spelling of the name...... Glenn)

  • 3 May 1945 -  Dover Express - Wanted, Good Boy, leaving school to learn trade. - Apply, Husk, Whitfield Hill Garage, Whitfield

  • The Image below  is Whitfield Garage, this has been confirmed by Ray Parfitt, Ray says that this is what it looked like when he started there circa 1946.

In his letter Mr W Husk, notifying his decision, the minister points out that the site of the proposed garage is on the main Sandwich to Dover road, which carried a fairly heavy and continuous stream of fast traffic. 

"The Minister notes, "the letter continues, " that your business includes the repair of motor cars and lorries, tractors and agricultural implements, and that you have bought the land with the intension of transferring the bulk of your trade from your present address.  He agrees that such a business may appropriately be located on a first class classified road, but he is advised that your site is not well chosen as the access of vehicles, and particularly of the heavier types, direct from the 18ft carriage way (and the exit direct to it) would result in dangerous conditions, which would be aggravated by the existence of the high hedge on your own adjoining land.

  • 17 October 1947 - Dover Express reference to William Husk of Whitfield Garage, in an article about breaking and entering at the Garage

  • 3 June 1949 - Dover Express H? Husk is referred to in Police attempt to acquisition of land

  • 14 October 1949 Dover Express William Husk, of Hilltop Garage Whitfield, sued Horace George Reynolds, of Ewell Motors Garage Temple Ewell, for the return of £80 paid to the defendant "for a consideration which had failed."

  • 18 Nov 1949 - Dover Express reference is made to " an action by the Parochial Church Council of St Peter's, Whitfield, against Mr E.C.V. Sawyer a Whitfield Garage Proprietor." Glenn's note..... this is a different name maybe a different garage

  • 1950 Kellys -

Whitfield Husk

  • 1956 kellys - Whitfield Hill Garage, W Husk Proprietor.

  • I do not have an exact date, but it is thought to be mid 1950s.


  • 1959 kellys - Whitfield Hill Garage, W Husk Proprietor

  • 8 May 1959 - Dover Express - COUNTY'S REPLY ON WHITFIELD GARAGE. - Wins congratulations from Mr Collard.

Councillor J Collard on Tuesday, congratulated the County Planning Authority at Dover Rural Council's public health committee meeting.

He congratulated them on the "neatest way of getting round a question I have seen anywhere".

Mr Collard, who represents Whitfield on the Council, had earlier raised the matter of a petrol service station to be built on the main road through the village despite local opposition.

In 1955 the garage was described as a petrol filling station but Councillor Collard said there had been a subtle change in the name to petrol service station in recent correspondence from the County.

On Tuesday the clerk, Mr Wilmott, read a letter from the County on the subject.

The letter said that the application was for a three pump island and a building to contain a small salesroom, lavatory accommodation, lubrication bay, washing bay, and oil store.

The County Planning Officer added that in his opinion the details included what was necessary to provide a modern petrol filling station.

The Officer emphasised that no provision was made for a workshop to carry out mechanical repairs and the lubrication bay and washing bay would accommodate only one vehicle at a time.

In the opinion of the County Planning Officer the details which have been approved by the  County members are consistent with the outline permission given in 1955 said the letter.

After the letter had been read, Councillor Collard said they all knew the need for restraint in these matters.  But the county knew they were wrong and they knew the county were wrong.

If these people planned our village the way they got around that question it would have been a much better village now, added Councillor Collard.

  • 15 May 1959 Dover Express - Signs For Whitfield Garage

That much-discussed petrol service station for Whitfield is on the way.  And a petrol company want to erect a number of advertising signs on it.

The subject came before the public health committee on Tuesday when Councillor Collard spoke of one sign as "horrible".

The committee recommended that consent be given for a "Shell mast sign" a functional sign (closed), but recommended refusal for a neon plastic seven feet long by two feet announcing "Shell"

It was the latter that Councillor Collard described as "this horrible sign".

It was reported that the applicant had agreed that advertising would be limited to name of the garage, the petrol on the pumps, and the approved club or agency.

  • This photo is undated, but is when the newer garage was being rebuilt

  • 1962 kellys - Whitfield Hill Garage, Sandwich Rd, W Husk prop, tel 2008

  • 1965 kellys - Whitfield Garage Ltd, B.M.C., Morris & Wolseley agents. Tel Kearsney 2255

  • 1966 Dover Express

  • 1967 kellys  - Whitfield Garage Ltd, B.M.C. & Wolseley agents, Sandwich Road, Whitfield

  • 1969 - 1971 kellys - Whitfield Garage Ltd, British Leyland & Morris Agents, Sandwich Rd, Whitfield, Tel Kearsney 2255/6

  • Handford Garage Sandwich Road, Whitfield, Datsun dealer (when did Handford start here?)

  • 1973 George Hammond (Motors), Sandwich Road, Whitfield, 0304 821351

    • George Hammond (Motors) took over Handfords and Southern Autos and consolidated the operation at Whitfield.

    • They dropped the Datsun (Whitfield) and Ford (Southern Autos) Dealership and became BMW, and later, Reliant Scimitar & Lotus Dealers.

  • During 1975 and later, further developments of the site took place, including

    • Demolition of the property adjacent to the garage on sandwich road, where at first used cars were parked, but later was developed into new petrol station

    • Demolition of the house at the top of Whitfield Hill (just before the garage), this area was developed for more petrol pumps and shop that were to service the new A20 that passed by.

  • October 1981 George Hammond (motors) ceased to become the BMW dealer and soon after this car sales and repairs stopped, the site was then turned over to petrol and other food & retail sales.